Website design

Does My Business Need A Website?

The quick answer, YES! In this internet age, having a well designed website is as essential as having a well-trained employee. If you are a business owner, then you know that making a great first impression is crucial, the same goes for your website. 

Poor website design is probably THE BIGGEST FACTOR as to why so many small businesses do not generate new custom through the internet. To use the employee analogy, if your website is not greeting visitors with a warm ‘smile’ then it is actually turning them away. 

On the other hand, if your website is both stylish and user-friendly, the chances of encouraging that visitor to become a customer SKY ROCKET!

Don’t Get Left Behind!


The next step of growth for your business is designing a great website to showcase your business! Many business owners are reluctant about taking the leap as they already have a client base that they have built up through referrals. Or maybe you’ve got an advertisement in the local paper? Unfortunately, those days are running out! 

People are not looking in the local paper to find services anymore, nor are they spending their precious time asking around town for the best business. What they are doing is searching on the internet; through their mobile device, through their laptop and on social media to find the business that is going to meet their needs. Therefore, you need to ask yourself “is my business going to meet that need?” 

Twizzle Designs Here to Help!


Fortunately for your business, we exist to bring solutions to these very problems. You give us the vision for your business and let us take care of the website design and make the most stylish and effective website possible to meet your particular needs!

What’s more, you are not just going to get a beautifully working website, you are also going to benefit from us kitting it out with a selection of the best plugins on the market, meaning that your website is not just going to look great but perform great too!